Solomun invited Denis Sulta as his plus one last Sunday at Pacha.

Solomun Sunday’s on Ibiza heavily remain a firm favourite on the island for residents, holidaymakers and confessedly, myself. We made our way down to the cherry empire to check out one of the most unusual plus ones of the 2019 clubbing calendar. Here’s how it went down.

Solomun continues to attract thousands of two-steppers week after week, and this Sunday was no different. 

What we imagined to be a mish-mash of talent turned out to be something of a legend. The Scottish DJ, Denis Sulta is one of the most exciting DJs in the making and has been killing it around the world with his energetic, disco-infused, hands-in-the-air sets. It’s no secret that this guy loves to party, and part of what makes him so popular is the pure passion that shines through his performances, albeit slightly bonkers. 

As much as Sulta enjoys being the flamboyant showman we love, this gig was all about the music. Deep in the midst of one Ibiza’s most glamorous super clubs, the room filled up pretty quickly and Sulta dropped some tasty techno beats to set the pace before absolutely packed. The Glaswegian DJ could read the room perfectly and switched up his style at a progressive tempo. A blend of deep, dark techno with an occasional uplifting vocal track kept the crowd at his beck and call. It was really groovy. 

As the end of his set approached, Sulta dropped some big-room-worthy, synth-laden pieces of percussive house and disco tracks, like Ben Delay's 'All I Need Is You'. 

This track screamed his unmistakable style out loud. The crowd loved it and the vibe was immense. 

This was my first time seeing Solomun this year, and butterflies filled my stomach as he entered the booth. Feelings of nostalgia took me back to the Solomun +1 closing party last summer. This gig has to be my seasonal highlight, and seeing him perform again reminded me of why I was back on the island. 

A set of Solomun is never repetitive. On this night, his performance was true to self and full of surprises. Deep rhythm and upbeat techno saw the bobbing heads on the dancefloor move together as one. 
General public solomun party Pacha Ibiza
The night was set to be enchanting, and by the time the back-to-back took place, the energy from the booth was blissfully infectious and the vibe in the room seemed historic. It may be early in the season but looking around at the abundance of smiling faces, I knew I'd remember this night.

The coolness of Solomun, and the craziness of Sulta seemed to merge exquisitely as they both know how to work a crowd. The pair encouragingly performed banger after banger, impressing one another, and of course the crowd, with their faultless selection of tracks. Each one was as sweet as the last. Pure genius.

Solomun playing with denis sulta at Solomun +1

Somomun even posted a photo of the pair on Instagram and mentioned in the quote that he is now Denis Sulta's newest fan.
Denis Sulta, you are ours too - this night was nothing but joy. Hat's off.

Words: Holly Woulfe

Solomun is again this 2020 in Ibiza, repeating residence in Pacha.