Since 2013 Solomun is offering a party made straight from the heart at Pacha Ibiza. One night, 2 DJs. Solomun and his special + 1 guest. On Sunday night, Gerd Janson lived up to the challenge. 

The ever-popular Solomun + 1 continues to be one of the islands favourite parties. Last Sunday, the paths of two German house heavyweights gathered under the same roof and Solomun and Gerd Janson proved to be the winning formula on Sunday evening. It was the first time that the Running Back Label leader played under the famous cherries since he performed a spirited 'all night long' set as part of May's Pacha Openings.

Frankly, the simple selling point of having only the one or two DJ's to guide you through the entire night is proving a unique attraction. With plenty of time to showcase Janson's DJ'ing ability, we arrived nice and early to catch his solo set before the night unfolded into the back-to-back with the Pacha King. Here's how the night went down.

The magical atmosphere of the superclub is quite special, and with my friend being a Pacha virgin, the amazed look on her face said it all and reminded me of my first dance at Solomun+1 and how it opened my heart to a completely new genre of music and progressive style of clubbing. We headed to the extraordinary rooftop terrace to take in the fantastic views of Ibiza Town. But, with the inviting beats vibrating the venue, we were sucked onto the dancefloor in no time.

With the booth in the centre of the dancefloor, we could see the long locks of Gerd Janson as he dropped a wide range of ambient house tunes to heavy tech banger tracks, all were met with appreciation from the crowd. 

Nonetheless, given a fantastic mood boost as every once in a while, Jansen would remind us all of exactly why he was there as he throws in some disco just to bring everyone in the room up that little bit more. With inimitable energy, Gerd Janson adapted his iconic nu-disco sounds to mould with the melodic vibes of the Solomun +1 residency. The night started groovily.

Many of his most high-profile dates have seen him display uncommon flexibility, playing back-to-back with very different DJs who, in some cases, have much bigger profiles. After another solid performance from the residence leader himself, it was time for Solomun and Gerd Janson to go back-to-back for the remainder of the party. 

Gerd Janson special guest Solomun +1 Pacha Ibiza

Captivating build-ups and drops characterised each of the artist's sets with charming vocals and bouncy yet melodic beats sewn in along the way. It was purely party vibes when the loveable pair joined forces for a night under the cherries.

Paying homage to a selection of hidden disco and deep-house cuts, the journey throughout the evening remained steady but definitely peaked during the final hours of the evening. Due to the fact that the night was going so well, and credit due to the dancefloor still busy come 7:00, the King of Sundays played for an extra thirty minutes into Monday morning. Leaving Pacha in broad daylight has never been so necessary. 

With only a handful of dates remaining, Solomun is yet to be joined by the likes of Dixon, Luciano, ├éme and Keinemusik. 

Click here for more info and tickets. It's not over yet!

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Words: Holly Woulfe