On Friday 27 September, Sonny Fodera and his crazy daytime pool party Cuckoo Land took over Ibiza Rocks Hotel and put on the final daytime bonanza of the season. 

If there's any party that's bound to rock your socks off, it's Ibiza Rocks Hotel. Probably the most famous party hotel of them all, Ibiza Rocks Hotel closed its doors for another season last month, and, of course, they went out with a bang. This year, the hotel saw the likes of Craig David, DJ EZ, Rudimental, Sonny Fodera, MK, Mistajam, Stormzy and a whole lot of other killer acts.

This summer, the closing event saw Sonny Fodera take to the stage for one final time alongside Huxley, Weiss, Jamie Roy and many more. We didn't pass up the opportunity to soak up the sun and enjoy the electric vibes of Cuckoo Land one last time. The party had a euphoric soundtrack of the very best house, tech and deep disco and we left with a massive smile on our face. Read more to find out why this party was a great success. 

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It has been another triumphant summer for the Australian house producer as Cuckoo Land has made serious waves over the last two summers and a popular afternoon choice for all kinds of clubbers. 

The poolside wonderland made for the perfect closing party celebration with an endless selection of singalong vocal house bangers and chart-topping hits. Sonny Fodera has consistently released some of the freshest house music; his most popular LP's include 'Frequently Flying' and his very latest release 'Rise'. The almighty cheers rocked the grounds of San Antonio as he entered on stage. 

He began his tenth and final set with his own tune, 'To Love', ft. Shannon Saunders. The climatic opening track sent goosebumps down my arms and the dreamy melody behind the track instantly caught everyone’s attention.

Despite the stack of killer support talent, let's not pretend that Sonny Fodera was the main crowd-puller, and this was 'The Moment' everyone had been waiting for. Stood on the balcony, we witnessed the plethora of confetti and extreme ice cannons shoot into the sky and shower all clubbers. Pink and blue lights bounced from the hanging decorations. 

Trying to fit in as many belters as possible in the two-hour time slot, Sonny Fodera remixed a catchy selection of beats with vocal overlaps, UADs and hardware synths, kick drums and funky basslines. Highlight songs from the evening include 'The Ciggie' by The Cloonee, Michael Bibi's 'The Hanging Tree' and 'Along Came Polly' by Rebuke remixed with Breach's memorable tune 'Jack'.

A selection of MK's tracks appeared throughout including 'My Head Is A Jungle' and 'There For You', as well as a collaboration from the unstoppable pair themselves named 'One Night', which is yet to be released but has already caught the attention of fans, as the majority knew the words. 


A particular highlight of his performance proved to be when he brought out Sinead Harnett for a live rendition of ‘Unconditional' and 'Into You'. As soon as her picturesque voice combined with the thumping bass line, it made for the most spine-tingling moment. Glancing around it was hard to spot someone who wasn’t absolutely ecstatic that they were witnessing Fodera showcase his craft in the most sublime manner.

Ibiza Rocks Hotel didn't fall short of multi-coloured streamers as they exploded from the stage as the beat dropped and hung from all corners of the vibrant venue. Our favourite track of the evening was 'The Pressure' by Biscits. The roaring trumpet sounds sent the crowd into a frenzy of shufflers and fist pumps. Everyone had their best bass-face on for this banger. 

As his performance came to a close, the momentum remained high with CamelPhat's remix of 'I'm Not Alone' by Calvin Harris remixed with Solardo's summer hit 'XTC'. Now on the dancefloor, we were 'Caught Up In The Rhythm', as we escaped reality in a sea of confetti. We are the dreamers, we are the dancers and this is Cuckoo Land. 

Bringing out the best that Ibiza Rocks Hotel has to offer, the closing party allowed you to choose whether to hit the dance floor or jump in the pool. The strong line-up provided enough tech beats for any raving clubber to stomp to. See you next year Ibiza Rocks Hotel for more poolside mayhem!

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Words : Holly Woulfe