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Welcome to the future of clubbing.

Officially the World’s #1 Club, Hï Ibiza is a 360 nightlife experience featuring the world’s best DJs, incredible production, plus so much more. 

As a multi-room venue, every element has been precision-engineered to deliver a new excellence in clubbing. 

Hï Ibiza’s  pioneering music program encompasses three state-of-the-art rooms, with cutting-edge artists, surprise special guests and impromptu B2Bs. 

Arrive early to secure your spot on the dancefloor and take time to explore a variety of different spaces. With breathtaking terraces, luxury bars, and secret parties, discover your new favourite artist as you explore everything the venue has to offer..

The club is comprised of 3 main rooms:

  • The Theatre: Inspired by classic Italian amphitheatre design, the dancefloor is surrounded by a raised terrace hosting the VIP area. All aspects of this room have been carefully considered to ensure a close connection between the artist and the audience. Each residency is tailored to have a bespoke look and feel, guaranteeing that no two nights are ever the same and the never-before-seen audiovisual production will impress you.

  • The Club: The underground vibe of the Club Room offers guests a more intimate feel, with a low ceiling boasting incredible lighting installations bathing the darkened room in technicoloured beams of light. With the DJ booth at eye-level clubbers can feel a deeper connection with the artist in an intimate setting.

  • Wild Coner:Experience the world’s most infamous bathroom: "The Wild Corner." This clandestine spot is where the unexpected comes to life, with impromptu performances by renowned artists. Witnessing The Wild Corner firsthand is an absolute must to grasp its sheer extravagance.

Along with the main rooms, Hï Ibiza has two external areas to relax and socialize. Look out for the secret party at The Wild Corner, the world’s most infamous bathroom.

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Light show at Hï Ibiza
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FAQs - Hï Ibiza

How to get to Hï Ibiza?

Hï Ibiza is located in the center of Playa d’en Bossa road, in front of Ushuaïa Ibiza.

Google Maps links: https://maps.app.goo.gl/q3icyHytEB4fkg2i9

Bus: There is a bus stop at the door of Hï Ibiza Ibiza.

Taxi: There is a taxi stop at the door of Hï Ibiza Prices vary according to your point of origin

  • Taxi from Ibiza Town to Hï Ibiza cost over 15€, with a 10 minute journey
  • Taxi from San Antonio to Hï Ibiza nightclub cost over 35€, about 25 minutes
  • Taxi from Santa Eulalia to Hï Ibiza club cost over 35€, in a journey of just over 25 minutes

Private Transfer: We collaborate with Dipesa, the largest and most professional private transportation company in Ibiza. Prices vary depending on the route. To book your private transfer, you can do so directly through this link: https://reservas.dipesagroup.com/index.php/en/component/dipesa/reservar?punto=clubtickets

Where can I park near Hï Ibiza?

If you decide to come with your own car, Hï Ibiza has two big parkings, one at the right side and one behind the club, at both sides of Aguamar. You will also find a paid parking lot right in front of the club, as well as parking space in the vicinity of the club. You won't have any trouble parking :-)

Which is the age requirement for Hï Ibiza?

To enter Hï Ibiza you must be 18 years old or more.
The entry is not allowed to anybody under that age, even if they are accompanied by another adult or his/her parents.

Which are the opening hours of Hï Ibiza?

Hï Ibiza opens every day from 11:30pm to 06:00am.
Some special events extend their closing time.

Which days does Hï Ibiza open?

In a normal season, Hï Ibiza starts to operate in April and ends in mid October.
In high season, June, July and August, the venue opens every day. In May, September and October it depends on the parties, so we recommend checking the venue’s calendar.

How much does a ticket to Hï Ibiza cost? How much are drinks?

Tickets to Hï Ibiza can vary between 50€ and 100€ depending on the party, the guest artist, the entrance time to the disco or the moment you buy the ticket.
Hï Ibiza normally has an Early Bird campaign with cheaper tickets, and once these are finished, you can buy Early Entry Tickets (normally before 1am) or Standard Tickets, with no time limit.
Buying tickets at the door is always more expensive than online, so we recommend buying in advanced to save up.

As for the drinks, a vodka lemon costs from 21€, a beer 16€ and water is 13€. For this reason, we recommend buying in advance the 5 drink package for 95€ (19€ each).

VIP areas in Hï Ibiza

Hï Ibiza has a VIP area in both the Theatre Room and the Club Room, you’ll have to book in the room depending on the artist you’d like to see. VIP at Hï Ibiza works on a minimum spend basis, to book the table you are required to pay a certain amount that varies depending on the party, location of the table and moment you reserve.
If you book a VIP table, it includes the entry for you and your guests through the VIP access, a private table, and the mínimum spend is used as credit to purchase bottles.

If you wish to reserve VIP, contact us for any enquiries.

Some events of Hï Ibiza also have VIP Tickets available, that entitles you to priority entry through VIP door, 3 drinks, free access through the VIP common areas and access to the VIP bathrooms.

Which is the dress code for Hï?

Hï Ibiza’s dress code is casual.
Dress code: No flip-flops, swimwear, uncovered torsos, men wearing vests, sweat pants, sweatshirts, sport shoes or headgears and / or football / basketball team jerseys, as well as any ideological attire that might offend the attendants’ sensitivities are allowed into the premises of Hï Ibiza. Also you won’t be allowed to enter with selfie sticks.

What is the difference between Standard Ticket, Entry Before Ticket and Early Bird?

For some specific events there will be different types of tickets. With the Standard Ticket (General Admission) you will be able to enter the party at any time from the door opening until the end of the event.

However, when you select the Entry Before ticket, you will only be able to enter the club before the time indicated on the ticket. For example, if you buy an Entry Before 1am ticket, you must be inside the venue before 1am. Due to this entry restriction, these tickets are usually priced lower than the General Admission ticket.

Finally, you can also find an Early Bird Ticket which works in the same way as the Standard Ticket with the difference that, as you get your tickets in advance, it is an launch offer. In other words, you will be able to buy a General Admission Ticket but at a reduced price for a limited time.

What happens if I have an Early Entry ticket and I arrive late?

For most events at Hï, you have the option of buying tickets with Early Entry at a cheaper price, but it obliges you to arrive at the club before a certain hour. If you arrive after that hour, you will be allowed to enter, but you'll have to pay the difference with the door price.


  • Entry before 1am - 30€
  • Standard Ticket - 40€
  • Door Price - 50€

If you have Entry before 1am and you arrive after that time, you'll have to pay 20€. Usually the door price is 10€ higher than the online Standard Ticket, but in some occasions it can be more.