Every week as the curtain rises, SuperMartXé is making history once more. On this Friday 12 July, we celebrate the 11th anniversary at their home, Privilege Ibiza. 

The award-winning party SuperMartXé is internationally famous for being one of the biggest parties in the world. Already known as one of the most bodacious events on the Island, we can't imagine how it could get any more provocative. Needless to say, this party is not known to disappoint, so be sure to expect a handful of surprises on this special occasion. Here's a little clue at what might be in store.

Headlining the birthday bash, Privilege Ibiza is proud to present Mark Knight. The British DJ and producer is the owner of the Toolroom Records label, which is one of the most successful in the house music industry and one that has provided us with countless formidable dance anthems for over 15 years.

Place the head-house-honcho into the biggest club in the world and you've got yourself the winning combo; it's a huge stage worthy of a huge name. 

Kryder will join the extravaganza as one of the special guests of the evening. After having performed at some of the biggest festivals around including Creamfields, Tomorrowland, Ultra and more, we have no doubt that he will fill the club with the high calibre of electronica. 

Superlover will bring a sprinkle of funk, disco and energetic melodies and Spanish singer Nalaya will also join the night's proceedings. Nalaya is no stranger to the 15,000 capacity audience at SuperMartXé and her incredible vocals have won her multiple awards after becoming the face of SuperMartXé during its peak. Quite frankly, the anniversary wouldn't be the same without her. 

Finally, Abel The Kid completes the line-up and will bring lots of enthusiasm to his first event back on Ibiza this season.

Although we are here to guide you in the right direction musically, the production of SuperMartXé is only one can experience for themselves. Expect irreverent, sensual and tongue-in-cheek staging with provocative dancers and performances that make for a creative display you will not find at any other party.

Check it out for yourself at this exclusive event on Friday 12 July. See here for more info and tickets.

Words: Holly Woulfe