The reggaeton party Brutal Ibiza take charge of the Privilege opening party 2019.

The island has officially been reborn for another season of music and magic, now all of Ibiza's famous super-clubs have opened its doors. Last but by definite no means least, it was Privilege's turn on Saturday night.


There is something special in the air this summer. The clubs are filling up faster, the energy is rocketing the and the overall population of the island has increased very early on. To mark the high spirit of the season as a means to go on, Privilege took a detour from hardcore techno and kicked off the summer of 2019 with the energetic reggaeton party, Brutal Ibiza. 

Keeping up with the times and the vast increasing popularity of Latin music, Brutal Ibiza is a new concept for 2019 which features all of the hottest DJs in reggaeton, hip-hop and dancehall. Upon entering, the spirit of the island managed to fill the vibrant venue as it is transformed into what it feels like another universe with the help of I Productions Events.

Worry not about having enough room to bust a move, as this venue has an enormous capacity of 10,000 and globally famous for being the biggest club in the world - if you have not experienced it yourself, then push Privilege to the top of your to-do list. 

For a little taste of what's in store this summer, take a look at our spectacular photo gallery of the best snaps from the Opening party. 

Brutal, latin rithms and reggaeton in Ibiza
Brutal, opening part Privilege 2019 review
Sweedish dancehall champion Million Stylez doing his thing.

Incredible performances at privilege opening party, brutal every saturday
Capturing the incredible performances.

Million Stylez, reggaeton parties Ibiza

It's impossible not to dance when Eddie Queen is on the mic.

Brutal in rpvilege, trap, dancehall and reggaeton

It’s nice to try something different on Ibiza, and Brutal Ibiza is cheerful, diverse and exciting.

The fiery fiesta nailed the recipe for success, combining the very best of trap, reggaeton and catchy rhythms with the beautiful backdrop of Privilege and all of its explorative production, fireworks, confetti showers and more. Quintessential ingredients that tasted mighty fine on the dancefloor.

Other Latin artists to take charge of the main room throughout the season include Karol GWisin & YandelFarrukoZion & Lennox. Plus, one of the hottest super stars of the moment, Maluma, is set to cause road-blocks in San Rafael with an exclusive performance at Brutal on Thursday 4 July.

Hips don’t lie, and it would be rude not to shake your way to Brutal Ibiza on Saturday’s.

Words: Holly Woulfe

Photo credit: Mario Pinta and Fernando V.