Defected Ibiza is what it says on the tin: "House Music All Life Long". This year, hundreds of summer feel-good anthems belong to the Defected label and Friday's at Eden Ibiza have never been so busy.

Defected In The House is your definitive summer soundtrack. Take a look at some of the hottest tunes from the night.  

It's as if Friday's on Ibiza are meant for the Defected familyWith colossal queues stretching around the block and filling the streets of San Antonio on Friday nights, it is evident that the party has reached its peak and of the most anticipated nights of the week for thousands of clubbers. Here's why.

Head-honcho Simon Dunmore and his tight-knit Defected crew have cultivated the ideology of Defected for 20 Years. Anyone can put a good playlist together, but it's about how the DJs manage the crowd and their ability to know when to drop the right record at the right time and maintain the bouncy-vibes and high-spirited atmosphere that Defected is all about. 

Defected's weekly roster consists of similar programming each week with a selection of much-loved residents performing most weeks on rotation along with old school legends and a dabble of fresh new talent. 

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This week, it was up to Derrick Carter, Riva Starr, Danny Howard, Josh Butler and Simon Dunmore to provide the goods.

Heading straight onto the dancefloor at 1:30, the club was heaving and consisted of a predominantly British crowd. As we looked around, we saw hundreds of beaming faces when Ejeca's latest release, "Firework" blasted through the speakers.

The sound system alone takes 100,000 watts of power. Get ready to rumble!

There wasn't a person stood still when Josh Butler played this positive little number. 

By 2:30, Riva Starr continued to keep the spirit high with some fresh disco beats. The old-school legend is one of the most creative mixers in the industry with instinct and technical prowess. He bossed it.

Defected in the House are proud to announce Roberto Surace's debut on the label with the official release of "Joys".

As certain as the sun setting across San Antonio Bay each night, throughout every Ibiza season there is a record that becomes the track of the summer. This year, ‘Joys’ is that track, and Danny Howard did the honours of dropping it on this night.

The sound of Defected is the most cheerful of the Island and the Void sound system runs throughout the whole club, so wherever you are stood it will sound amazing. Another new track for 2019, Matteri & Omich's "Doors" ft. Nathan Nicholson went down a treat.

All hands were in the air thanks to Simon Dunmore. 

Aside from the amount of sweat this party will have accumulated, there were no defects at this party. Just wear something cool, and don't let that stop you from busting a move. 

See you on the dancefloor. 

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Words: Holly Woulfe