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Poolside Sessions at Ibiza Rocks 2024

Dive into the ultimate summer experience with 2024's Poolside Sessions at Ibiza Rocks, where the vibe of the Balearic beat meets the shimmer of crystal clear pools under the radiant Ibiza sun. This year, we're igniting the Ibiza summer season earlier than ever, inviting you to plunge into a world of relaxation and entertainment that defines daytime party.

Mark your calendars for the Poolside Sessions at Ibiza Rocks in 2024. Don't miss out on this quintessential Ibiza experience that perfectly blends the relaxation of a poolside retreat with the excitement of a dancefloor under the open sky.

The Poolside Sessions will be open from 14:00-20:00 until 28 April, and from 29 April the opening hours will be extended to 21:00.

Lineup Poolside Sessions 2024

The Ibiza Rocks Resident DJs will be in charge of the music every day at Poolside Sessions.

Tickets Poolside Sessions at Ibiza Rocks 2024

Buy reduced price tickets before they sell out for Poolside Sessions at Ibiza Rocks for only 15€.

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