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Jack Your Body in O Beach Ibiza 2024!

Jack Your Body returns once again to O Beach Ibiza in 2024, with two highly anticipated dates on Saturday, May 4th, and Sunday, August 18th.

In what will be the third consecutive season of Jack Your Body at O Beach, the leading electronic music label in London invites you to an unforgettable journey on the island of Ibiza.

Join us on the most exciting dates of the season as we transform this iconic venue into the epicentre of electronic music.

Line-up Jack Your Body 2024

The line-up of artists for this season has already been confirmed. On the first date, we'll have Brandon Block, Soul Avengerz, George Goodson, Ainsley May and Noodle. Finally, on August 18th, the music will be in the hands of Dolly Rockers, Hayley Wallace, George Goodson, Jack Disley, and Steve Lee.

Tickets Jack Your Body at O Beach Ibiza 2024

Tickets for Jack Your Body at O Beach Ibiza are now available starting at €25 (entry before 2:00 PM) and €35 (general admission). Don't miss out!

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