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Soundcloud presents Cassö, DAIRE & Multunes, Ibiza Rocks' commitment to new talent for 2024

Soundcloud presents is Ibiza Rocks' innovative venture for its Sundays from May 5th to June 9th, featuring emerging artists Cassö, DAIRE & Multunes.

Ibiza Rocks' stage will provide a platform for both emerging and established talents from the Soundcloud scene. Leading this exciting initiative are Cassö, DAIRE, and Multunes, three artists whose musical journey has earned them a prominent place within the electronic community.

Cassö, known for her innovative approach and innate talent for blending genres, has quickly become a revelation in the music scene, with millions of streams on her track with Raye & D-Block Europe, "Prada."

On the other hand, DAIRE has made a name for himself with his deep understanding of house music and his ability to create immersive atmospheres with his mixes. His songs "Put ’em High" and "Jericho" continue to gain fans.

Another emerging figure in Soundcloud presents is Multunes, the third pillar of this trio, known for his distinctive style that combines elements of techno and deep house. This Irish DJ has made a name for himself in Ireland and the UK, filling venues wherever he goes.

Soundcloud presents Cassö, DAIRE & Multunes at Ibiza Rocks is not just a residency party; it is a statement of musical evolution, providing a space where the innovation and creativity of artists like Cassö, DAIRE, and Multunes can shine. This event is an opportunity for those looking to explore the latest trends in electronic music, away from the more commercial mainstream.

Lineup Soundcloud presents Cassö, DAIRE & Multunes at Ibiza Rocks 2024

Soundcloud presents will feature Cassö, DAIRE, and Multunes every week. Don't rule out the possibility of other new talents!

Tickets Soundcloud presents Cassö, DAIRE & Multunes at Ibiza Rocks 2024

Get your tickets to see Cassö, DAIRE, and Multunes live at Ibiza Rocks for 30€ before they sell out.

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