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Bongo's Bingo 2020 The phenomenon lands again at Ibiza Rocks Hotel!

Bongos Bingo, the craziest pool party, will be running every Wednesday afternoon from 20 May until 23 September at Ibiza Rocks

When you think of bingo you probably imagine a quiet room filled with OAP's, but Bongo's Bingo is quite the opposite! It's wild, it's jovial, it's absolute carnage and it's Ibiza Rocks Hotel's exciting addition to the 2020 clubbing programme.

In 2017, the unique brands' debut season at Ibiza Rocks Bar sent islanders into a frenzy, and the overwhelming demand for tickets resulted in the upgrade to San Antonio's super-club Eden in 2018; even more room for chaos!

If you attended the outrageous event last year, you are probably thinking it can't get much more bonkers than that, but you have not seen anything yet!
For Bongo's Bingo's fourth season on the White Isle, things are looking crazier than ever as they move to Ibiza's most famous pool party; Ibiza Rocks Hotel.

The concept of Bongo's Bingo takes the classic game and combines each round with rave interludes, cheesy songs, wacky props and a whole lot of noise.

Think dancing on tables, bombing in the pool and prizes so wrong they are right! Let's BINGO, Bongo style! Grab your tickets, and unleash mayhem! 

Club: Ibiza Rocks

Bongo's Bingo tickets 2020

Tickets bongos bingo pool party are already on sale for 25€