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Sundays at O beach Ibiza, the best plan to end the week. Enjoy the Sundays 2020 parties

Is there a better plan than ending the week with a cocktail by the pool at O Beach? Yes, there's also dancing to the best music in the background.

O Beach Ibiza is the perfect place to spend your holidays or, simply, if you want to relax surrounded by the best atmosphere on the island. It is open every day during the summer season and during the week it offers residences throughout the summer.

But Sundays are something special, as every Sunday of the month you can enjoy a different party. Sundays at O Beach are a series of parties with different themes and music that will take you high to end your week in the best possible way.

This summer enjoy Sin Sundays, AILIEN, ACES, Boat Club, Ibiza Spray, Tru's Do's Escape Records.

Sin Sundays, sunday party at O Beach

This year marks the 10th anniversary of SIN Sundays at O Beach Ibiza. O beach Ibiza's highest energy house music pool party hosted by resident DJs Chris Wright and Billie Clements who host the most intoxicating parties with all the entertainment!

AILIEN, O Beach Sunday Party

The most surreal and extravagant party in the universe lands on planet Earth. Higher beings from other universes have been watching us for years. Now AILIEN will take to the ground to set things right.

ACES, O Beach Sunday Party

Kings and queens, play your cards to end up as the winners. ACES is the party where everything aligns to make dreams come true and what better place than at O Beach Ibiza? Don't miss this incredible party on Sundays 15th May and 4th September.

Boat Club, sunday party at O Beach

Boat Club returns to Ibiza for its seventh summer at O Beach Ibiza. The nautical production based on sailing the Mediterranean combines an infectious mix of house, r'n'b and club classics. We welcome DJ Russke, Colin Francis, Michael Younger, BTAY, O'Neil McDowall, Tez, Jordan Valleyys and many more for another exciting summer in Ibiza.

Ibiza Spray, Sunday party at O Beach

Let it rain, champagne! Ibiza Spray returns for its sixth consecutive year to O beach Ibiza on Sundays. The biggest and most luxurious champagne party while you cool off in the Mediterranean sun.

Tru's Do's, Sunday party at O Beach

Join the party of the popular Tony Truman for an unforgettable day full of laughter, good music and fun. The party will have a single date on Sunday 17th July, what are you waiting for to buy your ticket?

Escape Records, sunday party at O Beach

On Sunday 21st August it will be the turn of Escape Records, the retro party made in Miami. From South Beach to O Beach... Success guaranteed!

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