La Troya

Do not miss the warming party by La Troya at Heart Ibiza next Wednesday 8th April.

La Troya returns to Heart Ibiza to celebrate their usual Easter party. This will be just a preheat of a wonderful season. And, of course, the night promises to be fun and full of surprises from 11:30pm. 

La Troya is famous for having extravagant and exclusive production which help to create a different theme for each night of the residency - fun in its purest form. 

With more than 30 years of history and experience hosting the very best parties, Brasilio is the oldest, most respected and beloved promoter on the island and the world.

Leave any judgments at home, as La Troya is a care-free, vibrant event and of the most famous LGBT-friendly parties in the world. It is a place for everyone of all sexes and genders to party under the same roof as one with great pride - a unique and epic atmosphere where everyone is free..

La Troya is something all Ibiza lovers should experience as it will deliver one of the most authentic parties of the island.

Be part of the magic and get your tickets now to LA TROYA at HEART Ibiza.

Club:  Heart Ibiza

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