You Know The Vibes

You Know The Vibes at Es Paradis 2022

Es Paradis, the nightclub located in the Ibizan village of San Antonio confirms what will be its Monday residency: You Know The Vibes.

You Know The Vibes will feature the popular DJ Policy every Monday night from 2 May to 26 September. Opening its doors at 23:55 on Monday, the party will run until the early hours of Tuesday morning and every week DJ Policy will be accompanied by great artists and producers to bring the best urban music of the moment. There will be no shortage of hip hop, bashment, afrobeat and, of course, reggaeton.

If you want to start the party a little earlier, at Es Paradis itself you can enjoy its Monday daytime residency Lotusland, every Monday from 16 May to 26 September from 16:00 in the afternoon until 22:00 at night. 

Tickets You Know The Vibes 2022

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Club: Es Paradis

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