Benimussa Park

Located in San Antonio, Benimussa Park is the former zoo that became one of Ibiza's most historic open-air music venues.

The isolated location plays as a unique host to some of the wildest parties you ever did see and an idyllic spot for you to get lost in the music and the beautiful surroundings.

Benimussa Park is known for throwing jovial shin-digs such as the famous Zoo Project, where partygoers can "release their inner animal" and enjoy a carefree while listening to some seriously good underground beats.

Divided into three sections, enjoy the party in front of the DJ or take a breather by the pool or the chill out area and socialize.

The venue is beautifully creative with chic hippy stalls, gourmet street-food stands, cocktail bars, arts and crafts stalls and more, all dotted around the picturesque festival-style space.

Crazy moments and memories are made here!