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Foam Bubbles & Foam Party takes over Sunday nights at Amnesia Ibiza!

For those who love a mix of nostalgic dance anthems and plenty of ice cannon action, then Amnesia is the perfect place for you on Sunday nights. 

The legendary Foam Party will take place every Sunday from 9 June until 1 September in 2019.

Expect a mixture of upbeat, soul-lifting tunes from DJ's and the wild production creates a thrilling and highly enthusiastic atmosphere. 

The great thing about the Foam Bubbles & Foam Party is that everybody in attendance is there to let loose, go crazy and have a bit of fun. Nobody cares where you are from or what you are wearing. Turn in flip-flops and get drenched together.

Residents Smith & Smile (Les Schmitz & Caal) will take care of providing classic house tracks in the Club room, and in the Terrace, Dream Factory will take over, where you can see the likes of David Moreno, Felix Da Funk, Pomboklap, Jay Nortown , Aracil, Rayco Santos, Andy Laguna, Mar Flores, Baraka, Ruben Solar, Memo, Sebastian Ledher and many more.

In Ibiza, we live for the moment and I promise this event will be your guilty pleasure of the season for sure. 

See you deep in the foam.

Are you ready?

Club:  Amnesia Ibiza

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