Dont Let Daddy Know @ Privilege

At Privilege, Ibiza on 12 Aug 2012 from 23:59






Don't Let Daddy Know takes you on a roller coaster ride through an intense way of clubbing. You will be experience more than you can ever imagine. Fulfilling every individual desire by creating an exceptional reminisce of music. Don't Let Daddy Know strives to attract top of the line fashionable people who go for more than just the average. We take you to a higher atmosphere of a marvelous and unusual style of entertainment. Overwhelming you with the diversity of sounds created by superior sense of skills. With the crossover of the best electronic dance DJ's and the hottest live artists, we generate a night full of incomparable amusement.

Our crossover sound between the best live acts from over the world, and the best electronic house dj's, we will bring you the best eclectic dance floor music: A wide variety of quickly mixed styles, genres, forgotten tracks and exclusive releases make sure the dance floor gets some serious damage. The greatest selection of groovy house tunes gets complimented with must hear electro, hip hop, and dubstep bangers.

Some confirmed names for DLDK 2012 Sundays at Privilege are Nicki Minaj ( Live ), Wiz Khalifa ( Live ), Diplo, Steve Aoki, Sidney Samson, Sem Vox, Lil Jon and more.

Ssssst..... Rest of the line-up announced soon...


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km 6, Carretera Sant Antonio Ibiza, 07816 San Rafael (Ibiza), Spain


Main San Antonio Rd. To Get There: The disco bus runs every 30 minutes from Ibiza Town and San Anton... More...

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