Tell us a little about yourself
Nice question. Well i would say Hi, i´m Tom Novy, handsome, funny and easy. I make Music. I
love my family and my friends.
How best would you describe your style of music and sound
Don´t put me in a box. Over the past two decades I have reinvented myself quite a lot. But main
theme is you can say I play house music.
Who were the early influences in your career
People like Masters at work and Armand van Helden, and of course Danny Tenaglia.
What was your first big break
Novy vs Eniac / Superstar went top ten in 20 countries in 1996
How has your music style developed over your career
I would say it´s getting more and more to a level were I can not follow anymore. ;-)
What attracts you to the music that you choose to remix
Well different stories. Most of the time is work between friends and labels that you are related
to. I stopped working on spec for big artists a while ago. I don´t like those kind of deals..... just to
put a big name on your remix list.
Which artist do you most admire at present
Christopher Groove! He is one you should watch and one of our biggest talents these days
What are your thoughts on the current EDM scene
I don´t listen to this kind of music anymore. This is cheesy Euro trash using sounds from the
Haddaway era. If the Americans want to go for it; of course it´s their choice. But this music has
nothing to do with soulful, warm, house music. Even a good Progressive DJ would never, ever,
touch EDM tracks. I think this music has no future. It´s all hype.
Where do you best enjoy playing your sets
Too many places to name. But i had just two amazing weekends in Croatia. This country knows
how to party.
What are the future plans for Tom Novy
Wow too many actually. But first of all I want to work with a party here in Ibiza called Deepflight
every Tuesday at the fabulous Ocean Beach Club. If you haven´t been you should come and
see us. It´s a whole new thing Ibiza never had before. Day-party with a relaxed afternoon and
great deep house. Later in the day it turns into a pool party. And after the sunset we all go


Part II / Jonathan Ulysse & Tom Novy / Live from DeepFlight #02 @ OBC / 17.07.2012 / Ibiza Sonica by Ibiza Sonica on Mixcloud


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