In regards to producing, Anthony has released Obsidian on System Recordings which created a lot of buzz. He was also brought on by Capitol Records to remix Katy Perry’s I Kissed A Girl, and Anthony liked it. In recent days, his tracks come from his own music production company Incorrect Music. He’s charted over 30 top 100 tracks on under a number of different labels from Definitive to Stereo Recordings. He has a live performance under his belt and in demand, playing from the fore mentioned countries in addition to Ibiza, all over Europe, Mexico, the Middle East and Asia. As being from Detroit influenced his sound to become deeper and grittier, he says he prefers the German twist on the genre. Coming from a musical family he listened to everything from Kraftwerk to the blues, all of which has influenced his style. He also pays homage to Prodigy, the Chemical Brothers and Nine Inch Nails. As far as DJs are concerned, he names Steve Lawler as a big influence and also one he greatly admires, and has bonded with John Digweed and Ferry Corsten.

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In hindsight, he didn’t get his humble beginnings of Djing until college. When a girlfriend gave him a fancy bracelet for Christmas, he turned it in so he could purchase his first pair of turntables. He’d practice every day, even during lunches, until one year later he landed his first gig. He’s now been named 2 years consecutively as Detroit 2011 and 2012 Electronic Artist Of The Year. As he continues to churn out Beatport chart chunes and play the world over, he says: It’s easy to work hard when you love what you do. I could make millions as a CEO, but I’d be miserable. There is such a solace in doing what you love, I’m so thankful.


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