Trade started life in 1990, as an after hours party at the legendary Turnmills club on Clerkenwell Road, London, which was the first club in the UK to be given a 24hour ‘Music & Dance’ licence.  Trade was unique as it opened at 4am on Sunday mornings, going through until 1pm Sunday lunchtime.  It was promoted as the ‘original all night bender’.  Although mainly a gay club, anyone was welcome as long as their attitude and look were right.  Other popular gay clubs at the time, including Heaven, G-A-Y and The Fridge would close around 2-3am, so Trade was the perfect place to carry on.

Over the years Trade has been the home to a whole host of DJs who’ve gone onto become big names in their own right, including; Tony De Vit, Daz Saund, Smokin Jo, Tall Paul, Trevor Rockliffe, Steve Thomas, Alan Thompson, Malcolm Duffy, Pete Wardman, Ian M and Fergie.  Trade was the club where Tony De Vit allegedly found his sound, after hearing great reports on the night he attended the night one week.  So inspired by that first visit he went away and transformed the whole sound of his record box. Although already playing at Heaven and other nights, he bombarded the Trade promoters with mixtapes until after around 6 months was given a chance to stand in for resident Smokin Jo.  His performance landed him a residency at the club, which lasted until his death in 1998.

The brand branched out from just their weekly Sunday morning parties to hosting parties around the UK and also various events worldwide.  They also started releasing CDs, which took the Trade name even further a field.  In 1998 channel 4 commissioned an hour long documentary on Trade, following its worldwide success, called ‘Trade the all night bender’, which was broadcast in August of that year:

Trade’s weekly sessions finished after its 12th birthday party at Turnmills, but continued doing tours and the occasional one off events in London, but haven’t had a permanent home since.

The 21st birthday party was held last October at Pulse in London:

This Saturday sees the first Trade London party of 2012 at the recently revamped Electric in Brixton (formerly The Fridge).  Headlining is one of Italy’s rising stars, in-demand DJ, Producer and Remixer Uto Karem.

He’ll be joined by Trade residents Pagano, Nick Tcherniak, Pete Wardman and Rosco, while in the Lite Lounge Fat Tony, Guy Williams and Anto will be providing the audio treats.

This is also the Official Album Launch Party of ‘Trade: The Dark Side’ by Pagano, which includes Pagano’s tribute remix of Tony De Vit's calssic  'Are You All Ready', which is out now on the album sampler.  Full album out on Monday 13th Feb. Get the sampler now:

Tickets for this Saturday:

Photo courtesy of Chris Jepson